Alice is an object-based programming language with an integrated development environment. Alice uses a drag and drop environment to create computer animations using 3D models.


Introduction to Alice

  • Visual Programming and Animation
  • 3D Objects in Alice
  • Properties and Methods of Objects
  • Main Screen and Controls in Alice
  • Creating Animation World in Alice
  • Adding Objects to a World
  • Moving Objects in a World
  • Saving a world


Control Structures

  • Sequential and Simultaneous Actions
  • Control Structures
  • Do in Order Control Structure and its Use in Alice
  • Do Together Control Structure and its Use in Alice
  • Nesting of Instructions
  • Trial and Error Strategy


Adding Text in Alice

  • Using Properties of Objects
  • Adding Text in a Program
  • Alice in the Middle East

From a Story to a Computer Program

  • Steps Required to Design and Create Computer Programs

Step1: Reading the Scenario

Step 2: Designing the Storyboard

  • Types of Storyboards
    • Visual Storyboard
    • Textual Storyboard
  • Evaluate and Revise

Step 3: Program Implementation

Step 4: Program Testing

  • Program Comments


Functions and Mathematical Expressions

  • Functions
  • Types of Values
  • Built-in Functions
  • Using Functions in Alice
  • Mathematical Expressions
  • Using Mathematical Expressions in Alice


Special Features-Sounds and Camera

  • Adding Audio Files to the Program
    • Way 1: Import Sound
    • Way 2: Record Sound
  • Using Camera
    • When Creating the Opening Scene
    • While Running the World
  • Adding 3D Text
  • Using Visibility Properties
    • Opacity Property
    • is Showing Property


Creating Videos in Alice