C is a general-purpose, procedural computer programming language supporting structured programming, lexical variable scope, and recursion, with a static type system. By design, C provides constructs that map efficiently to typical machine instructions.


  •  Data types, operators
  • Switch & if-else statements
  • Implementing Loops, Array handling, Use of pointers
  • Defining & using functions, storage classes, structures in C


  • Data Structures in C
  • Searching and Sorting



 What is C ,Getting Started with C ,The C Character Set, Constants, Variables and Keywords , Types of C Constants ,Rules for Constructing Integer Constants ,Rules for Constructing Real Constants ,Rules for Constructing Character Constants ,Types of C Variables ,Rules for Constructing Variable Names ,C Keywords.The First C Program ,Compilation and Execution ,Receiving Input. Displaying output

Introduction to Data Types in C:

Int ,float double ,char Data Type in C

Type Declaration Instruction ,Operators & Expressions, Arithmetic Instruction ,Integer and Float Conversions ,Type Conversion in Assignments ,Hierarchy of Operations ,Associativity of Operators  .More C Programs


The Decision Control Structure :The if Statement ,Multiple Statements within if ,The if-else Statement ,Nested if-elses ,Forms of if Use of Logical Operators ,The else if Clause ,The ! Operator ,Hierarchy of Operators Revisited ,The Conditional Operators

The Case Control Structure :Decisions Using switch ,switch Versus if-else Ladder ,The goto Keyword


The Loop Control Structure Loops: The while Loop ,More Operators ,,The for Loop ,Nesting of Loops ,Multiple Initialisations in the for Loop ,The Odd Loop ,The break Statement ,The continue Statement ,The do-while Loop


C Functions

User defined and standard functions, Formal and Actual arguments, Functions category, function prototypes, parameter  passing, Call-by-value, Call-by-reference, Recursion, Storage Classes.

Arrays and Strings

One dimensional Array, Multidimensional Array declaration and their applications, String Manipulation


 Pointers,Structures, Unions, Preprocessor Directives


  •  Data Structures
  •  Searching and Sorting 
  •  Linear Search  
  •  Iterative Binary Search
  •  Recursive Binary Search
  •  Bubble Sort 
  •   Selection Sort
  •  Insertion Sort
  •  Quick Sort
  •  Merge Sort
  •  Linked Lists
  •  Queues