NetBeans is an integrated development environment for Java. NetBeans allows applications to be developed from a set of modular software components called modules.


Getting started with Programming using IDE

  • Introduction, Rapid Application Development using IDE (Integrated Development Environment) such as Netbeans
  • Familiarization of IDE using basic Interface components- Label, Text Field,

Text Area, Button, Checkbox, Radio Button.

  • Developing General Application – Getting Familiar with Java
  • Swing User Interface components-Frame, Dialog, OptionPane, Panel, ScrollPane, Label,

TextField, PasswordField, TextArea, Button, CheckBox, RadioButton, ComboBox, List

  • Basic component handling methods and properties: setText(), getText(), isSelected(), setSelected()


Programming Fundamentals

  • Data Types: Concept of data types; Built-in data types – byte, short, int, long, float, double,

char, string, boolean

  • Variables: Need to use variable, declaring variables, variable naming convention, assigning

value to variables;

  • Integer object method: parseInt
  • Double object method: parseDouble, parseFloat

Control Structures:

  • Decision Structure – if, if-else, switch;
  • Looping Structure- while, do . . while, for;


  • Basic concept of Class, Object, Inheritance and
  • Polymorphism Commonly used libraries: Ø String class and methods: toString(), concat(), length(), toLowerCase(), toUpperCase(), trim(), subString() Ø Math class methods: pow(), round()
  • Accessing MySQL database using JDBC to connect with database.


1. To display a message using Label, TextBox, MessageDialog using simple GUI applications

2. To concatenate two text entries and display using simple GUI application

3. To perform a simple arithmetic operation (+,-,*,/) and display the result in MessageDialog or TextBox using simple GUI application

4. To perform simple arithmetic operation (+,-,*,/) and display the result in TextBox using simple GUI application

5. To make simple decision making (if statement) solution and display relevant message using GUI

  application (Example – Problems related to Eligibility for a given value of Age, “Profit” or “Loss”

  messages for given values of Cost Price and Sale Price, Grade Display for given values of Marks of students etc.)

6. To create a simple GUI application to perform both arithmetic and logical operation together (Example – Total, Average and Grade calculation for given marks, Salary Calculation on different criteria)

7. To create a simple GUI application to perform an operation based on the criteria input by the user in a CheckBox or a RadioButton to Find the Discount of an item on the basis of Category of item [ElectricalAppliance/Electronic Gadget/Stationary specified using a Radio button] and its Cost [Below 1000/Above 1000/Equal to 1000 specified using a Radio button].

   (Example 2: Calculate the incentive of a Sales Person on the basis of his Sales Amount, Customer Feedback, Count of Customer specified using CheckBox)

8. To create a simple GUI application to change the property of a swing element based on the selection made by the user

   (Example 1: To change the background or Foreground color of any of the Swing elements of the   form based on the color selected from a list)

   (Example 2: To change the foreground and background color of a label based on the values

    input/stored in a combo box)

9. To create a simple GUI application for repeatedly doing a task based on the user

   input. (Example: To display the multiplication table of a number input by the user)

10. To store the data (Admission No., Name, Date of Birth, Class and Section) of 10 students in a   

   table and find total number of students in each class and section.