OpenOffice Writer

OpenOffice Writer has everything you would expect from a modern, fully equipped word processor. It is simple enough for a quick memo, yet powerful enough to create complete books with contents, diagrams, indexes, etc.


1.   Describe the features of OpenOffice Writer

2.   The OpenOffice Writer Interface

3.    Changing document views

4.    Using the Navigator  

5.    Starting a new document  

6.    Opening an existing document  

7.    Saving a document  

8.    Getting help  

9.    Closing a document  

10.    Closing Writer  


  1.  Setting up Writer  
  2. Choosing options that affect all of OOo  
  3. Choosing options for loading and saving documents  
  4. Choosing options for Writer  
  5. Choosing options for HTML documents  
  6. Choosing language settings  
  7. Controlling Writer’s AutoCorrect functions  

level-3.    Working with Text    

  1. Selecting text
  2. Cutting, copying, and pasting text  
  3. Moving paragraphs quickly
  4.  Finding and replacing text
  5.  Inserting special characters
  6.  Formatting paragraphs  
  7. Formatting characters

level-4.    Autoformatting  

  1. Creating numbered or bulleted lists  
  2. Using footnotes and endnotes
  3. Inserting dashes and non-breaking spaces and hyphens  
  4. Setting tab stops and indents  
  5. Changing the default tab stop interval
  6.  Checking spelling and grammar  
  7. Using built-in language tools  
  8. Using AutoCorrect  
  9. Using word completion  
  10. Using AutoText………

level-5 Formatting pages  

  1. Which layout method to choose?
  2. Creating headers and footers
  3.  Numbering pages  
  4. Changing page margins


  1. Adding comments to a document
  2. Creating a table of contents  
  3. Creating indexes and bibliographies  
  4. Working with graphics
  5. Printing


  1. Using mail merge
  2. Tracking changes to a document
  3. Using fields
  4. Linking to another part of a document
  5. Using hyperlinks
  6.  Using cross-references
  7.  Using bookmarks
  8.  Using master documents
  9.  Creating fill-in forms