QBasic, a short form of Quick Beginners All purpose Symbolic Instruction Code, is an integrated development environment and interpreter for a variety of BASIC programming languages which are based on QuickBASIC.


1. General Concept

  • Introduction/Features  – Q-Basic Interface  – Menu Commands

2. Elements of QBasic Programming Language

  • Introduction To Variable/Constant (Their Types)
  •  Basic Words (Reserved Vs. User Defined)
  •  Basic Operators (Its Types Including Truth Tables)

3. Programming in Qbasic Commands and Statements

  • Immediate Mode Commands Control Statements- IF…THEN, IF…THEN…ELSE, NESTED  – IF…THEN…. Statement – SELECT CASE Statement


4. Concept of Looping and its practical application

  • FOR….NEXT  – WHILE…..WEND  – DO……LOOP  – Nested Looping  
  • PRINT USING Statement
  •  Simple Graphics with QBASIC (Locate, Line, Circle..)

5. Library Function

  • Introduction to Functions 
  • User Defined Vs. Library Functions 
  •  Numeric Functions 
  • Trigonometric Functions 
  • String Handling Functions

6. Function and Sub Procedures

  • Library Functions – Introduction to Modular Programming -introduction/Concept of Function – Library Vs. User Defined Functions (Compare And Contrast)
  • Programming With SUB PROCEDURES


7. Introduction to Arrays

  • Single and Two Dimensional)

8. File Handling

  • Sequential File Handling In Q-BASIC – Open-For OUTPUT (File Creation)
  • Close# (Closing A File) 
  • Write# (Writing On A File)
  • Open-For INPUT (File Reading) -Input# (Reading From A File) -EOF (Checking End Of File)
  • Open-For APPEND

Project in QBASIC Program

Example of project could be

  1. Mark sheet Preparation
  2. Result Processing
  3. Telephone directory  preparation
  4. Billing of library system
  5. Billing of Monthly Schooling Payment
  6. Payroll
  7. Banking System etc